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In larger buildings, offices, factories and educational facilities, it is common for the electrical supply within the building to be unbalanced. Whilst not a major fault in most cases it can lead to expensive and costly energy bills.

Electrical load monitoring is an essential tool to ensure the electrical installation is set up correctly, safely and delivers cost-effective delivery of energy whilst maintaining safety.

Increasingly the application of a load balance test may allow for a decrease in energy costs due to rebalancing of the 3 phase electrical system.

By undertaking a complete facility survey it is possible to identify any anomaly including the checking of voltage, frequency and loading, overloading, and balancing of the installation. The survey can then be used to rectify and maintain the system so creating an efficient installation.

We will understand if it’s a panel installation that’s causing the issue or on a wider basis.lling the imbalance.

If your property is suffering from a supply imbalance we can get to the bottom of it which may start from testing and also monitoring the supply and how it responds at different times of the day which is done by leaving our equipment onsite connect to your electrical supply. We can then advise fully on the best way to achieve load balancing for your installation.


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