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The leading electrical associations all recommend that portable appliances are tested on an annual basis

3pin 13 amp plug with PAT testing label

What is a Portable Appliance? – It is any moveable appliance that connects to the power supply by a plug and socket.

The Electricity at Work Regulations place a legal responsibility to take practical steps to ensure no danger results from the use of any electrical appliances. This requires a regular programme of maintenance, inspection and testing.

Different kinds of PAT Testing

AT CTS we identify items using o two different categories for PAT testing:

  • Domestic PAT
  • Specialist PAT

Domestic PAT can be best described as an item that can easily be bought over the counter and needs little or no specialist knowledge to operate. This covers the majority of equipment that needs PAT testing.

Specialist PAT is that which needs specialist knowledge to either purchase or operate. Such items include Audio Visual equipment, none user IT equipment and any portable device that is often difficult to reach.

If you are uncertain as to which category an item may belong then please call us

PAT testing from Commercial Testing Services

CTS use trained and competent staff for all testing. We do not employ rapid testing schemes as adopted by some companies but take time and care with each appliance to fully check all the required criteria of testing.

Once tested a full report will be issued with the following:

  • Full inventory of all items tested
  • Full test results
  • Details of any items which have failed testing
  • A report outlining any recommendations
  • A PAT certificate

There are many good reasons for adopting periodic testing. If you have recently acquired ownership or tenancy of business / workplace premises you may wish to ensure the installation is safe. If you suspect there is a fault or risk of failure, you must take steps to inspect the affected circuits urgently.


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