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Fixed wiring periodic testing can be required for a number of reasons, from insurance requirements, landlord certification and local licensing authority needs.

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Fixed Wire Testing

Fixed wiring is often overlooked but a very important aspect of any installation. As such all electrical installations should be subject to a regular programme of testing and inspection to comply with current legislation. You must ensure that all necessary precautions are being taken to reduce the risk of injury or death through electrical failure.

Known as the ‘Electrical Installation Condition Report’, the  testing of fixed wiring should be combined with regular inspections to monitor the condition of the wiring. 

Hidden behind walls the, the fixed electrical wiring seemingly does nothing more than provide power to the appliances your business relies on,  in order for your business to remain compliant & safe with the British Standards, regular inspections will be required.

There are many good reasons for adopting periodic testing. If you have recently acquired ownership or tenancy of business / workplace premises you may wish to ensure the installation is safe. If you suspect there is a fault or risk of failure, you must take steps to inspect the affected circuits urgently.

Suggested periods allowed between Periodic Inspections:

– Commercial Installations – 5 years.
– Industrial Installations – 3 years.
– Buildings open to the public – 1 year.
– External Installations – 3 years.
– Caravan Parks – 1 year.
– Fire Alarms – 1 year.
– Short Term Installations – 3 months.
– Site Installations – 3 months.


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