What is Fixed Wire Testing?

electrician carrying out electrical inspection & testing

Fixed wire testing is essentially an overview of your electrical installation and ensures that it is safe, protected & functional which matches the requirements of the Electricity at Work regulations.

Whats involved in fixed wire testing?

Fixed wire testing and inspection of all the electrical circuits within your building, this covers distribution boards, panels sockets, and any other fixed plant you have on-site

Once this has been carried out you are issued with a certificate which confirms the safety of the installation which whilst helps comply with Health & Safety regulations it will also give comfort to people with a vested interest in the safety of your property which ranges from staff to insurance companies as it helps mitigate risks.

Please note this does not include appliance plugged into your installation

How often should fixed wire testing be carried out?

There are a whole host of recommendations depending on the site and its use, examples of testing schedules can be found here

Whilst these are the recommended time frames there are also actions companies can carry out themselves in-between these inspections and based on advice and the associated risks to staff and visitors.

These can range from a number of actions but as an example planning a regime of visual checks and maybe training staff on this is a great starting point.

Will Fixed Wire Testing cause disruption?

Not at all, inspectors normally like to consult with companies on how this can be carried out in the most effective manor as you can imagine operating theatres still need to operate and any form of disruption would have severe effects!

What is the best way of starting ?

We normally start with an initial consultation to give you a good understanding of what is required and the best way of achieving this. If you would like to have an initial conversation please don’t hesitate to give us a call or you can request a call back by clicking here

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