Previous Testing and CTS activities

F1, 2013 at Silverstone

For this year the event was broken up and not a linear testing schedule. The team pulled together and overcame problems to deliver a complicated testing solution for the client on a very tight timescale.

As an event it continues to grow and become ever more complicated it is good to see a successful test and a happy client.

More Silverstone Action

Yet more time for CTS site testing at Silverstone, this time for the annual Moto GP event. Similar team as per the F1 earlier in the year to bring together once again the knowledge and tools required to test such a complex and demanding event and venue.

Good results helped by good weather and the team knowing the venue and an ever improving methodology behind the buildup to the testing, the testing itself and the overall contract management.

Set against a tight schedule and a summer bank holiday, the event has gone well with a very happy client!

More Theatre Testing

So August has seen the team in London, Leicester and Birmingham testing theatre installations. Prestigious venues on tight deadlines where the team have been working on ETC Sensor and Strand LD90 racks. Long days, many miles walked and hundreds of steps on to fly galleries and grids.

A good selection of kit being tested and good to see that Strand kit is standing the test of time. Hopefully more to be done at these venues as projects draw to an end and CTS sigh off services are needed.

School testing ...

Once again the 2013 summer break is here and more testing is in the diary for several schools. This summer will see CTS involved in PAT testing, periodic testing and some ad hoc testing for one long standing client.

As always the summer brings its own difficulties and the summer team continues to grow to encompass the needs and deliver the services to our clients.

Bolesworth Show

Traditionally this has been an enjoyable event for the team but 2013 was not so lucky. Add on the appalling weather to already heavily driven ground and the net result was mud, lots of mud! The CTS team where once again on site to test and commission the temporary power installation and did so under very difficult conditions under foot and tyre.

The team came through albeit rather wet and flagging due to the conditions. As always a good result with some interesting mental problems getting generators to behave after extensive modifications and rewiring!

The event itself proved so demanding that the first day of the trials where cancelled due to the adverse weather.

Testing amongst the golf bunkers

Always a interesting time of year to be outdoor facing the elements. Of late CTS has been involved with the R&A Open at Muirfield which has been a resounding success. A pleasant change in many aspects of the contract allowed for a success on many levels and allowed CTS to field test its new testing solution. More on that to follow.

Other amongst the bunker contracts have seen CTS at St Lytham, Royal St George's, Celtic Manor and various golf clubs around the UK.

Australian mining equipment in the West Midlands

Earlier in 2013 CTS where called to test and certificate a temporary power supply solution for a mining system bound for Australia. Easy you might think but when dealing with self propelled equipment pieces weighing in at 39 tonnes things get a whole lot more difficult!

An interesting contract where keeping the power supply safe was as much a challenge as the testing itself. A good result was reached with a very happy customer.

CTS at the London 2012 Olympic Games

An event of scale and complexity never before seen by CTS but one it has risen to embrace and complete.

CTS where contracted to install, test, commission and certificate a number of Olympic venues around the UK as part of the games. This event had many of the team working on site for many weeks in dreadful weather and against a deadline which could not be moved. Over 270 days on site resulted in teams in 10 different venues undertaking a wide range of testing work. Many of the teams also became involved with not only the installation work but in some cases the design alterations to make such a fluid event work.

An event not to be missed with some wonderful outcomes against the most demanding of scenarios and an event from which CTS continues to grow. Viewed by a worldwide audience, CTS where pleased to play its part in an event unlikely to be repeated in the UK in the near future.





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