Thermographic Survey

Thermographic technology now offers a unique means of none destructive testing of electrical systems. Used in planned, reactive and protective maintenance it is an invaluable tool for diagnostic purposes without the need for costly shutdowns of plant and processes.

Increasingly used in proactive maintenance, it offers a valuable diagnostic tool that is able to see anomalies unseen by the naked eye and allows for action to be taken prior to costly failure. The technology is becoming more popular as a cost effective means of meeting various guidance and legislation whilst allowing business to avoid unplanned maintenance due to failure.

Portable thermographic imaging cameras are deployed to view the required equipment. These machines create a visual heat picture of the equipment and in doing so show any area that has elevated temperature that may need further investigation. A standard digital photograph is also taken of the equipment to act as a reference.

An elevated temperature of a piece of equipment is indicative of an early failure due to a number of reasons. When linked with a digital photograph this enables prompt maintenance to completed on the equipment before a more costly failure occurs that could result in further costly failures or a potential fire.

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