Some recent pictures of problems waiting to happen or those that already have.

All these pictures depict everyday occurrences of equipment that are found in testing and inspection.

A Bus bar chamber within a generator showing the load wiring connection bolts not having been tightened.

This device was in operation and under load when this picture was taken.

An industrial 3 phase power cable socket showing signs of extreme heating effects.

This connector had already passed a safety check prior to this picture being taken.

An industrial 3 phase power connector showing incorrect phase wiring.

A common issue where cables are adapted on site.

A theatrical 15A plugtop showing incorrect type and colour of load wiring.

This was found along with several others in a school enviroment operated by children.

An industrial electrical control panel that was being used as a storage cabinet.

Note the paper towel and spray container of flammable solvent.

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